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I retired as a Master Sergeant from the Air Force after 20 years service in 1992. I was an aircraft mechanic (Crew Chief) on C-130's. They are mainly used as cargo planes and do troop and cargo air drops, but also have many other uses. They were first built in 1953 and are still being made today. During my years in the Air Force I did get to travel overseas. I have been in 3 countries in Europe during 2, 2 month temporary duty assignments. I also spent 30 months stationed in Japan were I saw 9 other countries while I was there. I love to travel and sometimes miss the Air Force.

The last 8 years of service is when I started getting involved with computers. Mostly just data entry for aircraft maintenance and I got my first home computer during that time.

After I retired from the Air Force I worked another 7 years for a manufacturer’s representative agency for plumbing products. I was in charge of the warehouse, shipping and receiving, did some of the computer repairs, and a lot of other odds and ends around the office. I liked the job and the owners were good people. It was here that I developed a lung problem and am now on disability. I kept in contact with them and stopped in the office but not so often to be a pest.  

I then started working on other peoples computers for something to do and support my computer habit. I hate sitting around with nothing to do and can only watch TV for so long.